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Interactive Law operates a number of different legal web sites, each of which deals with a different topic of law. Each web site provides the visitor with a wealth of information designed to answer the most frequently asked questions.

For those individuals who need to instruct a Solicitor, each web site has a panel of solicitors which deal with enquiries, generated by the website, in their own local area. Visitors to the sites can search for their local solicitor by simply entering their postcode, which will return up to two practices covering that district. As the practice's contact details are listed, the visitor is able to email or telephone the practice directly from that page. If they are using a smart phone they simply need to tap on the telephone number in order to make a call.

For those visitors who are not sure if they need a solicitor, they can call our call centre. It is a local rate number and our call centre staff will evaluate whether the caller needs to speak with a solicitor.

Once a visitor has decided that they need to speak with a solicitor they are able to search for their nearest practice by entering their postcode in the search box provided. Once entered, a page will be displayed with a practice's contact information, which includes:

  • Practice Name
  • Named Contact
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address (link)
  • Web site address (link)
  • Social Media (Links)
  • Practice Description
  • Google Map showing location

At this point the client is free to make direct contact with you by telephone, email or via your own website.

As an alternative to searching for a solicitor our visitors can call us direct. This allows us to filter out enquiries which just contain questions or where a mediator may be more appropriate. This in turn greatly reduces enquiries which just contain questions or are from people looking to get a bit of free advice.

Once an enquiry has been passed to you that is when our involvement ends. There is no requirement for you to inform us whether you are acting for the client, as we do not 'recycle' rejected enquiries.

You are free to deal with all enquires how you see fit and you are not under any obligation to contact the client if you don't want to.

Unlike claims management companies, we do not charge referral fees. To maintain the web sites and fund the service we provide, all our legal panel members pay an annual subscription fee.

Panel membership is strictly limited to a maximum of just two practices per district

Below is a list of the sites we operate along with a brief description.

Contact us today for further details on legal panel membership.

Potential clients are offered three ways to make contact with a solicitor; by using the “search for a solicitor” tool or by filling out the enquiry form on the top right hand corner of the page or they can call the local rate number.

The Family Solicitors website has a mediation section with its own “search for a mediator” search tool; this connects with a separate panel of local mediators.

This website has a separate panel of solicitors that deal with Elderly Client and Private Client matters.

Highly ranked with Google, this website is well established and extremely reliable for the end user.


The employment solicitor’s website is a well-established, informative, fully responsive, website.

Designed with the end user in mind, the site allows an individual to search for an employment solicitor using the “local search tool” there are two panels of solicitors for employment law, “employee” and “employer”. There is a third panel of solicitors dealing with business law, aimed at local SME’s looking for advice on business law.

An individual can read up on the information relating to their situation and then make contact with the local panel member direct. There is a quick form at the top of the page to send in a question and there is a local rate number available on every page.


The professional Negligence website, supported by a panel of solicitors specialising in this complicated area of law, has excellent Google rankings.

An individual has the opportunity to research information relating to their situation, helping them to decide whether they may have suffered Professional Negligence.

The site provides a search tool to enable an individual who thinks they may have a negligence claim, to contact a local solicitor.

There is a contact form on every page allowing an individual to ask a question, there is also a local rate telephone number.

Our website is one of our more recent sites and deals provides the public with a wide variety of information on different aspects of immigration law.

Immigration Law is becoming an  increasingly more popular with legal practices and the demand increases for visa applications and appeals against deportation orders.

If your practice is interested in dealing with some regular immigration cases then contact us today for further information. If you are looking for an immigration solicitor then please visit the above website.


Our contentious probate web site came about following a conversation with one of our legal panel members who suggested that we should look into this area of law. Several months later the '' website was born.

This website explains the grounds necessary to challenge the validity of a Will as well as explaining the Inheritance Act, and the statutes of limitation.

If your practice is interested in receiving contentious probate enquiries then give us a call today to find out how to get your practice listed.

image was the first site Interactive Law launched. In 1999 the internet was still very much in its infancy and many solicitors that we spoke to were still a little unsure whether this "internet business" would catch on. After almost 20 years later the is still going.

As the name suggests this is our personal injury website and whilst not as busy as it once was, it still generates a small amount of enquiries on a regular basis.

If you are interested in having your practice's details listed on this website then please feel free to contact us today.

If you have suffered an injury which wasn't your fault then please visit the above site for further information.


Our '' website will shortly be replaced by our new medical neglignce website, ''. Again, as the name suggests, this web site deals with all aspects of clinical negligence.

This website is sheduled to be updated in the later half of 2016 and the improvements planned should make this site very popular with our solicitors. We are planning huge improvements to the way the site looks as well as how we promote and optimise this site in Google. Every postode in the UK and there are over 2,500 of them will have an individual page. This will make the site visible in even the remotest areas of the UK.

Register your interest now and we will contact you when the new website is live.



Another website planned for late 2016 / early 2017 is '' designed mainly for businesses, we will be putting together a national panel of specialist legal practices in this area of law. Businesses will be able to search for their local specialist by simply entering their postcode and will be able to make direct contact with a local solicitor.

If your practice deals with this area of law and you are looking for some additional clients, then contact us today to register your interest and we will contact you as soon as the website has been built.